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My Present Focus

I'm currently available as a freelancer on an hourly or project basis. So, if you have need for someone with my experience, send me an email! Let's talk about how I can help, whether you need a manager to help develop your team and company culture, or an engineer to build your apps and website, or even bartender to help you pick the right bottle of scotch or champagne.

I am there to help build things and help your team celebrate, enjoy, and take pride in their achievements.

Programming Languages & Tools

I know Swift, Objective-C, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I have experience building front-ends for web and mobile in both true native code and React/React Native. I have experience integrating front-ends with all common server backends (except Ruby, sorry), as well as experience deploying code with Docker, Firebase, and AWS.

Past Work and Projects

(My highlights reel - for a complete list check my LinkedIn.)

Freelance Work

Since September 2018, I've been available for work as a freelance engineer, manager, consultant, and mentor. Some of my featured clients include:


I have maintained a long-standing relationship as a contract consultant for Candid™. I've worked both in native code and React Native to mature both their mobile app's UX as well as their internal processes for CI, testing, and release.

Trialspark & Fi Marketing Sites

I was separately contracted by both Trialspark and Fi to construct their new marketing homepages. Given the specific requirements these companies had, I worked with their teams to quickly build out sites based on modern tools like React and SASS while incorporating older wisdom for quick and efficient websites such as using static-file hosting in lieu of a dynamic server when possible.

Deer Meets Beer (for Foursquare and Jägermeister)

I was contracted by Foursquare and Jägermeister to complete the construction of their Deer Meets Beer experience. Working remotely with stakeholders from design, product, and business departments, I helped shape the requirements of the project and was ultimately and solely responsible for constructing the front and back end of the website that was ultimately launched.

2018 - Present


I worked for 7 years at Foursquare. Starting as a new grad hire on the API/Server team, then moving to the web team, and finally landing on the iOS team, I would move wherever there was a need for someone to learn a stack and execute quickly.

Once I landed on the iOS team, I rose to be the platform lead in the company, then to manage the Swarm mobile app team, and finally to manage the app engineers for all of our consumer apps.

2011 - 2018


Google and VoodooVox, Inc.

My first summer of college, I interned at a small startup called VoodooVox (now closed). Here I wrote an app for the iOS store ready for launch the very first day it existed.

The next two summers, I interned at Google on their search infrastructure team and then on the Google Sheets team. If you've ever used "Paint Format" in Google Sheets, that was my project.

2008 - 2011


Williams College and Columbia University

I've been programming in BASIC, Java, and HTML since 1998, but I started learning formal computer science while in high school, taking classes at Williams College.

After high school, I attended Columbia University . There, I completed a BA in computer science (while also acting in a lot of theatre).

Zack, in the forest